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Shop at our gallery in Nederland, CO

Want a one-of-a-kind piece from a local artist? Kaleidoscope Fine Arts Gallery, LLC has original paintings, prints, pottery, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, textiles, photographs, leather work and stained glass for sale. By buying from our gallery in Nederland, CO, you'll be able to create a unique interior design and support local artists.

Discover your new favorite artist

Discover your new favorite artist

We're proud to carry an incredible selection of art and support local artists. You can shop with us to find pieces from:

  • Barbara Bleckman
  • Betsy Hicks
  • Bri and Max Rashbaum
  • Danielle Crouse
  • David Jessup
  • Donna Eberle
  • Elizabeth Azcarate
  • Erin Trumble
  • Greg Marquez
  • Jan Bannister
  • Jo Zechiel
  • Jone Vaznelis
  • Judi Anderson
  • Julie Naster
  • Justin Kluck
  • Justin Pearson
  • Kathy Bremers
  • Laurence Delaunay
  • Leah and Scott DiCapio
  • Maureen Riesco
  • Naomi Edelberg
  • Nathan Eigenfeld
  • Nellie Stephenson
  • Paul and Elena Jones
  • Rachel Thurber
  • Renee Crum
  • Rob Watson
  • Steve Forgy
  • Tania Corvalan
  • Russ Filippello
  • Wolfy Wolf
By partnering with local artists, we're able to share incredible creations with our community. Get in touch with us now to ask any questions about our inventory.